From our past to the future

Elegance... gracefulness.. charm in a rustic setting.

It's very easy to fall in love with steel truss bridges , concrete and stone arch bridges and tunnels.  For years, those steel beams and girders and bores into hills and mountains formed the backdrop of memories we hold dear to our hearts. Remembering these gallant old structures and engineering feats is not a matter of the mind... it's a matter of the heart.

For many years, I have captured in pictures the essence of these beautiful truss and arch bridges and tunnels, rising and arching in their nobility and splendor.. but sadly, many of the bridges are leaving us.  They are falling victim to the wrecking ball almost on a weekly or monthly basis.

This website and the blog (to the left or right) are a sanctuary to those of us who respect and honor those relics of the past.  Feel free to share your thoughts and pictures of steel truss bridges and concrete or stone arch bridges and carefully crafted tunnels from your past.

calvin's newest book is here!

Like his first book, Calvin traveled thousands of miles, hiked, battled the elements and critters, rappelled down rocks - anything to get the best photographic angle of the bridges and tunnels he loves so much.

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