The Iron and Concrete Wings of America

The Ghosts of Helen`s Bridge

September 1st, 2018

Posted by Calvin Sneed

Old Stone Fort

August 20th, 2018

A few weeks back I visited Old Stone Fort State Park in Manchester Tennessee. I spent my summers in this park since my grandparents lived adjacent to it. 

I remember when this bridge was placed over the Duck River. It came from the Elk River. Interesting about that is my father hung out on this bridge when he was young since they lived on the Elk river. One of my older cousins crashed his car into the bridge when it was on the Elk River so one of the dents is his.

Greg Pearson, Chattanooga, TN

Posted by Calvin Sneed

Big beautiful Shelby Street Walking Bridge, downtown Nashville.   In the middle of the walkers, I find Kelly Fox strumming a homemade banjo against the backdrop of downtown, and folks were putting money in his cup.   What a great use for an elegant old bridge.   Way to go, Music City USA!

Posted by Calvin Sneed